Setting up a company in Mauritius

January 10, 2023 - 7 min read

Why setting up a company in Mauritius

Setting up a company in Mauritius is ideal for entrepreneurs and corporates from all over the world looking to take advantage the the island’s robust International Financial Centre to do business at internationala level. The country offers:

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Political and economic stability;
  • Investment and business-friendly country (leading international financial centre in Africa for doing business, economic freedom, competitiveness and transparency);
  • Compliant with international standards (OECD, EU, FATF, etc.);
  • A wide network of Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (IPPAs);
  • Member of various trade organisations (SADC, COMESA, African Union, and African Continental Free Trade Area);
  • Good governance;
  • Cost-efficient company formation and registered office accommodation costs;
  • No social security charges on the wages of foreign employees;
  • Skilled, qualified and bilingual (English and French) workforce at a competitive rate;
  • A comprehensive range of banking services with the presence of international banks;
  • Strategic location and convenient time zone (GMT+4) for international transactions;
  • Confidentiality for ultimate beneficial owner(s);
  • No Capital Gain tax;
  • Individual and Corporate Income Tax, as well as Value Added Tax, harmonised at 15%;
  • Free repatriation of dividends, capital and profits;
  • No tax on dividends;
  • No inheritance taxes;
  • Innovative platform for foreign investors;
  • Strategic location, close to Africa and Asia;
  • A wide network of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAs);
  • Modern island with up-to-date High tech facilities and devices; and
  • A competent listing and capital-raising platform (Stock Exchange of Mauritius).


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Setting up a company in Mauritius: how to register and do business

Both foreign companies and individuals can proceed to the registration, incorporation and setting up of a company in Mauritius, which requires the services of a company formation services provider to ease the process of incorporation. No minimum capital is required, and the Mauritian laws allows for 100% foreign ownership. An applicant needs to provide the following information prior to setting up a company in Mauritius:

  • Company name;
  • Nature of business;
  • Relevant Due Diligence documents;
  • Date or suggested date of commencement for a company;
  • Registered office address of business; and
  • Telephone number and email address.

These companies may take one of the following status:

  • Limited by shares: This type of company is set up with a constitution that limits the liability of shareholders to the amount of unpaid shares each shareholder holds;
  • Limited by guarantee: This company’s constitution puts a limit on members’ liabilities to the amount they undertake to contribute in case the company gets wound up; or
  • Limited by shares and guarantee: A combination of limited by shares and limited by guarantee, this type of company limits shareholders’ liability to any amount unpaid on their shares, while having members give a limit on their guaranteed contributions should winding-up occur.

Other company status include:

  • Unlimited Company;
  • Limited Life Company; and
  • One-person company.

Setting up a company in Mauritius is a swift process, taking on average 3 working days. However, the timeline and requirements needed to register a company depends on the type of company being registered, and the licence(s) it requires to operate. Before setting up a company in Mauritius, you must therefore identify the appropriate company type for your activities, and obtain approval from the Financial Services Commission.

The types of companies and licences are:

  • Global Headquarters

The Global Headquarters Administration licence has proven to be crucial in enabling several multinationals to strategically optimise their business by setting up their regional registered offices in Mauritius.


  • Global Business Company

An offshore company that has its business operations carried out from Mauritius, a Global Business Company benefits from the network of DTAs, making it a cost-effective corporate medium for international tax planning.


  • Authorised Company

An offshore company that has its business activities and control & management outside of Mauritius, the Authorised Company is considered as foreign for tax purposes.


  • Protected Cell Company

A Protected Cell Company (PCC) is a Special Purpose Vehicle that authorises the lawful separation of assets owned by each cell of the company. Also known as a Segregated Portfolio Company in some jurisdictions, the PCC allows for more security and flexibility for international investment structuring.


  • Variable Capital Company (VCC)

A VCC is a legal structure that can be used in both the traditional and alternative investment fund market ecosystem. The VCC provides more flexibility to users of fund structures that use Mauritius for their outbound investments.


  • Trust

Mauritius has evolved into a trustworthy jurisdiction for establishing and operating Trusts, especially used for the management, preservation and transmission of assets.


  • The Private Trust Company

The Private Trust Company (PTC) is a vehicle with a perfect model to preserve the assets of one’s family while exercising control as the Trustee.


  • Foundation

A Mauritius Foundation is ideal to cater for succession & inheritance planning, management of private wealth, and asset-holding strategies. Click to learn more about Foundations.


  • Funds

Fund Structures in Mauritius allow for investors and investment managers to route investments into Africa and Asia, among others.


  • Trading Company

Trading companies trade goods and services from one country to the other. They can make use of the Mauritian jurisdiction to gain an edge on competitors in other countries.


  • Freeport Company

Investors in Mauritius benefit from a cost-saving platform in which they also make use of the Freeport facilities, easing Trading and Shipment.

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Investment and business opportunities in Mauritius

There are a number of opportunities for companies set up or doing business in Mauritius in sectors such as:

  • Creative Industry;
  • Training (through training institutions or online);
  • E-commerce;
  • Ocean Economy (Aquaculture and Seafood processing);
  • Healthcare and medical travel;
  • Biotechnology;
  • Logistics & distribution services;
  • Agro-Industry;
  • Hospitality and Real Estate;
  • Ecotourism;
  • Financial Services;
  • Manufacturing & light engineering;
  • Renewable energy and environment; and
  • Information Communication Technology (new technologies and digital economy).

Besides, there are various business development support programmes such as the Business Development Scheme, the SME Partnership Fund, and the programmes offered by the Development Bank of Mauritius.


Regulations for setting up a company in Mauritius

Company formation and registration in Mauritius are governed by the provision of the Companies Act 2001 and the Business Registration Act 2002. Both Acts are in line with the international best practice for modern domestic and international investors to invest more efficiently in Mauritius.

According to the Companies Act 2001, there is no obligation for a company to have a constitution. In this case, the Act will serve as the governing document. All companies should therefore abide by this Act, which governs the setting up of Limited Life Companies and offshore companies in Mauritius. The incorporation of offshore companies requires the approval from the Financial Services Commission, the institution in charge of the regulation, administration and inspection of all financial services in Mauritius. Furthermore, each business activity needs to be registered with the Registrar of Companies.

In addition, under the Companies Act 2001, companies must have:

  • At least one director resident in Mauritius; and
  • A registered office (no PO boxes).



How Sunibel can accompany you

Sunibel Corporate Services guides and accompanies you in setting up a company in Mauritius. As an international provider of corporate, trust, fund and fiduciary services, we have the experience and expertise to help you strategically optimise your business through the Mauritius jurisdiction. Our services include:

  • Setting up and administration of companies and structures
  • Wealth structuring through Trusts and Foundations
  • Fund services and administration
  • Invoicing and back office
  • Finance, accounting and international taxation
  • Assistance in Listing on the Stock Exchange
  • Assistance with permits and relocation

Furthermore, through our network of partners, we can assist you in finding the best location for your business and for you. Whether you are looking for offices, commercial space, a warehouse or a plot of land to build your own premises, PLEION Real Estate, specialists in commercial and residential real estate in Mauritius, will be able to assist you throughout the process.



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