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Whether you are a professional, a self-employed, an investor or a retired non-citizen, there are a number of compelling reasons to come to Mauritius to live and work, and consider the island as your location for doing business.

Located at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe, Mauritius has historically been a trade platform, and has now developed into an investment platform. Since 2005, the island is the most stable country in Africa according to Fund for Peace, and is recognised as the best country to start and run a business in Africa (1st in Africa for ease of Doing Business – World Bank).

The opening up of the economy has favourably influenced growth, with increased transfer of technology, knowledge, talents, and capital. Looking to evolve into a high-income economy, Mauritius actively encourages foreign talents and investment into the country. With its tropical climate and its ideal living environment to grow your children or to enjoy your retirement, the Mauritian ecosystem allows this balance between work and relaxation. Indeed, over the last decade, many expatriates have come to live and work in Mauritius.

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