Investor services

Our team connect fund managers with their existing and prospective investors. Whether you wish to set up your fund in Mauritius or elsewhere, we are able to adhere to local anti-money laundering legislation. We also make sure each investor understands the due diligence and reporting processes involved.


  • Maintenance of share register

We keep the share registers of our clients and ensure that the information they contain are up-to-date. We help fund managers ensure the registers are maintained in accordance with the applicable legislation.


  • Subscription and redemption of shares, transfers and buybacks

We accompany fund managers in the subscription and redemption processes for investors. We also assist them in shares transfer or buybacks.


  • Attending to investor’s queries and requests

We are attentive to investors’ needs and requirements, whether in terms of communication or reporting.


  • Compliance and AML screening on investors

We review investor details as well as their source of wealth and source of funds. We collect and constantly maintain required AML due diligence documentation and risk ratings.


  • Preparation of drawdown/capital call notices

When a fund manager identifies a new investment opportunity, he needs a percentage of the investors’ committed capital to pay for this investment and needs to notice them. To do so, we help fund managers in preparing the notices of drawdown/capital call to investors


  • Regular investor reporting and reporting to the Investment Manager

Reporting to investors on a regular basis provides them with the relevant information about their investments. This helps investors monitor their investments and take necessary actions whenever required. We provide accurate and high-level reporting for the best interests of investors and the fund.

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