Fund administration services

As an independent third party provider, we provide tailored fund administration services. Our team of qualified professionals, coupled with our IT infrastructure, allow us to deliver accurate and timely solutions to help fund managers achieve their objectives.


  • Fund structuring, fund administration and tax advisory

Depending on the legal, regulatory and tax requirements amongst others, we accompany in choosing the most appropriate structure for your investment fund. Both open-ended and closed-end funds are set up as Global Business Companies (GBC) in Mauritius.  As part of our tax advisory services, we advise you on corporate tax planning so that you can benefit from a structure that will enhance and optimise your planning.


  • Assistance in the preparation and review of the constitutive documents prior to launching the fund

Assistance in the preparation of the fund’s constitutional documents (such as the memorandum and articles of association, offering memorandum, share subscription agreement, board resolutions). Preparation of service provider agreements (such as the investment management/advisory agreement(s), the administration agreement, brokerage agreement(s)).


  • Assistance in closing(s) of the fund

We help fund managers in the various closing(s) of fund. We ensure that all closings are in line with fund documents and statutory requirements of the law and licensing conditions of the fund.


  • Liaising with regulators and authorities for fund registration and licensing

We liaise with regulators and authorities to register the fund and apply for respective licences with the Financial Services Commission (if structure is set up in Mauritius).


  • Due diligence on potential investors

Due diligence requirements relate to account holder documentation, information reporting and withholding obligations.


  • Provision of experienced resident directors and bank signatories

The fund needs to have at least two Mauritian resident directors with appropriate experience to exercise their role independently.


  • Accounts opening with banks, brokers and custodians

Establishing separate bank, custody and brokerage accounts, derivative contracts, loan agreements, amongst others.


  • Management of bank account and payment services

Managing bank accounts and assist with the challenges and risks associated with these accounts, and making payments to suppliers, shareholders, etc.


  • Transfer agency and registrar services

Consist of the processing of transactions, maintaining the register and keeping up-to-date investor data. We comply with AML/CFT regulations and follow rigorous procedures to ensure the integrity of the register is maintained at all times.


  • Processing of capital calls and distribution

We calculate and generate all capital call, equalisation and distribution notices. We keep all investor information (financial and non-financial) secure within our register.


  • Corporate governance advice

We help you to adjust your corporate governance for it to be more efficient. By adding value to your processes, it contributes to obtaining a long-term competitive edge through better strategic decisions. We ensure compliance with the code of corporate governance.


  • Handling investments and/or divestment

We assist during the acquisition of new investments as well as the divestment of existing ones; this can include due diligence, structuring advice and contract assistance. We also ensure fluent repatriation of funds.


  • Expenses Cap Monitoring

It is frequent to see a fund manager voluntarily place expense limits on a fund. Adding an expense limit can increase the attractiveness of a fund because investors know the maximum percentage they may be charged.


  • Apply for and renewal of the funds Tax Residence Certificate with the MRA

Our fund administration services include liaising with local tax authorities for the application and renewal of the Residence Certificate.

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