Fund accounting services

Our fund accounting team helps you save time to do what you do best, run your business. Whether you need help calculating distributions, preparing your financial statements, or maintaining your general ledger, our fund accountants make sure your financial information is accurate and up to date for reporting to investors.


  • Net Asset Value (NAV) calculation

Net Asset Value indicates how much one share of a fund is worth. It helps investors compare funds between themselves, or compare the performance of one fund to other market or industry benchmarks.


  • Fund accounting (daily, weekly, monthly and NAV computation)

The fund accountant role is similar to that of a corporate accountant in some aspects. The main elements that differentiate the two roles is that investment funds involve regular cash inflows and outflows from and to fund investors, a portfolio of financial investments that are typically measured at fair value,  and a NAV calculation completed daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.


  • Preparation of quarterly/interim reporting to investor/regulator and IFRS compliant annual financial statements

The statements of financial position are the cornerstone of investor and regulatory reporting. They are an important component of an investor’s decision-making process. We can help you produce your financial reports timely and efficiently.


  • Coordination of annual audit

Auditing provides assurance on the accuracy and fairness of the funds’ financial information. We coordinate the annual independent audit process with the auditor.


  • Reporting on portfolio performance to fund managers

These reports provide the fund manager with strategic overviews of the success and effectiveness of the fund, together with recommendations to maintain or improve quality. We provide timely and accurate reporting, helping fund managers to cater for investors’ requirements.


  • Calculation of management fees and incentive fees

Investors pay two types of fees to fund managers. A management fee, which is paid regardless of how a fund performs. An incentive fee (also called performance fee), which is a percentage of the fund’s profits. We help in calculating and processing these fees for the fund manager.


  • Calculation of carried interest according to the agreements

Based on the agreements in place between the fund manager and investors, and depending on the performance of the fund, we calculate and process carried interest (if the fund performs well) or claw back (if the fund underperforms).


  • Performance Fee Equalisation

Equalisation is a process that ensures each investor is assessed individually for his own incentive fee liability towards the fund manager, and is charged accordingly. We help in determining the performance fee to be paid by each investor, removing the problem of one investor being penalised to the advantage of another.


  • Calculations for distribution waterfall

The distribution waterfall defines the order in which capital is distributed to investors of the fund, as detailed in the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM). We assist fund managers in calculating the portion each investor is to receive according to his initial investment.


  • Reconciliation of significant transaction for drawdowns and distributions

Prior to processing drawdowns and distributions, we proceed to the account reconciliation. This is to make sure that accounts are complete, consistent and accurate before the distribution of profits.

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