February 2021 | You wonder where to structure your Private Equity Fund? Choose Mauritius

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Despite the economic instability caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, markets showed remarkable resilience in 2020.

PitchBook’s 2020 European PE Breakdown report shows that fundraising activity experienced a strong year, with capital raised to the tune of USD 110 billion, its second-highest value ever.

In Africa, Linklaters reports there were 28 deals worth USD 30.07 billion, the highest level of project financing in terms of investment value. This indicates how the continent still presents promising opportunities for long-term investors.

Looking towards 2021, Private Equity investments are expected to keep pace (and may propel deal activity to new heights), effect of a healthy fundraising environment, economic expansion plans, and infrastructure development amongst others.

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he general mechanisms behind a Private Equity Fund by Sunibel Corporate Services

The general mechanisms behind a Private Equity Fund

A Private Equity Fund is the pooling of funds from selective investors that invests directly into private companies. A Private Equity Fund is suitable for various types of investors such as institutional investors, who are able to evaluate its returns, risks and impacts.

Learn more about the general mechanisms behind a Private Equity Fund

Private Equity Fund structuring by Sunibel Corporate Services

Private Equity Fund structuring

Every Private Equity Fund is unique in itself when it comes to operations and its structure. By devising a robust investment strategy, Fund Managers are able to mitigate business risks in order to foresee an optimistic overview on Internal Rate of Returns.

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Fund managers can save up to 31% by choosing Mauritius by Sunibel Corporate Services

Fund managers can save up to 31% by choosing Mauritius

Mauritius, Africa’s leading International Financial Centre, puts forward many distinctive attributes that attract interest of entrepreneurs, investors and corporates, including fund managers, from all around the globe. 

Here are the advantages of setting up your investment fund in Mauritius
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