Our range of Family Office solutions, developed by our experienced team in partnership with our network of local and international service providers, offers you the comfort of a high-end service for the management, administration and protection of your assets.

Family Office, a service offered by Sunibel Private Services and PLEION Real Estate

We offer to high-net-worth clients personalised high-end services for their private and family affairs. Based on our experience and strength, we collaborate with world-class experts.



Asset supervision

  • Consolidation of your assets held with various banking institutions
  • Costs analysis
  • Monthly reports



  • Real Estate maintenance: renovation, maintenance, close follow-up with building contractors and service providers
  • House staff recruitment
  • Event planning

Administrative assistance

  • Follow-up and management of your schedules
  • Work and establishment permit
  • Tax returns
  • Bank accounts opening
  • Insurances portfolio management
  • Various office tasks

Travelling support

  • Full trip planning including hotel bookings, excursions and high-end transportation (private jets and road vehicles)
  • Vehicles rental

Global Business

Combining many years of expertise in the Global Business environment, our specialists will guide you in your decision-making process and accompany you throughout your project.


Fund Administration

We enable fund managers to focus on looking after their investors and investments under management, helping them achieve their strategic objectives.


Our personalised wealth structuring solutions rests on an in-depth understanding of your personal situation. As a result, we are able to adjust our offering to your unique objectives.


Managing a business is time-consuming and requires constant monitoring. Our services aim at facilitating this process.

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