Company secretarial services

Through our company secretarial services, we are able to accompany fund managers in fulfilling their secretarial function and general corporate governance across jurisdictions. Whether you are setting up a fund, or you are looking to transfer your administrative requirements of your existing fund, we can accompany you.


  • Preparing board packs for board meeting and shareholders meeting

Our aim is to ensure that board meetings and shareholders meetings runs smoothly. Therefore, prior to board and shareholders meeting, we prepare the board packs with all the relevant documents (agenda, minutes of previous board meeting, documentation of the topics that require decisions, risk, and compliance as well as financial reports, etc.).


  • Producing minutes of meetings and preparing resolutions

As part of our company secretarial services, and as qualified company secretary to the fund, we produce timely and comprehensive minutes for better follow up and effective decision-making, for which we prepare board resolutions.


  • Advising board members on local regulatory, governance and compliance requirements

It is our duty, as a provider of company secretarial services, to make sure that all board members are aware and understand the local legislations, rules, and governance requirements, whatever the type of structure and/or vehicle they have set up in Mauritius. We also have the responsibility to make sure that the fund (or any other structure) is compliant with local regulations, codes, and guidelines.


  • Filing of statutory documents to the relevant authorities, as required by the regulations and guidelines

Our corporate secretarial services also include maintaining documents, minutes, and other statutory records up to date. In addition to that and according to the regulations in force, we make sure all statutory documents are filed with the relevant authorities and/or regulators.

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