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Financial sector: A resilience beyond reproach

Mauritius offers companies, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals a favourable environment for business and investment. Ranked first among African countries in many international indices, in addition to its political and social stability and economic freedom, the country is a recognised international financial centre. Alan Rungassamy, Director and Head of Private Equity at Sunibel Corporate […]

5G: Putting the economy on the modern highway

With the deployment of 5G on an experimental basis, Mauritius is preparing to make a technological leap. In addition to accelerating the process of digitalisation, the fifth generation of mobile communication will position Mauritius in the new normal by facilitating remote working and allowing several sectors of activity to bring innovation into their process. Click […]

Mauritius prepares for the fiscal big bang of 2023

The OECD has set in motion moves to accelerate international tax reform that will culminate in the introduction of a global minimum tax. Determined to adopt best practice in the fight against tax evasion and money laundering, Mauritius has already given its assent to Pillar 2 of the reform plan. Click here to access this […]

The hope of an attractive and strong jurisdiction

Alan Rungassamy, Director and Head of Private Equity at Sunibel Corporate Services, gives his impressions in the latest edition of Business Magazine in the article entitled “L’espoir d’une juridiction attrayante et solide”. Click here to learn more. Note: This article was originally published in French.    

Focusing on digital strategy

Avec le reconfinement afin de freiner la propagation de la COVID-19, les entreprises activent leur plan de continuité des opérations. The former Managing Director of Sunibel Corporate Services, notes that it is important to focus on digital strategy. Click here to read more. Note: This article was originally published in French.  

Withstanding turbulent times for the Mauritius International Finance Centre…

The financial services sector will undoubtedly play an important role in the development of Mauritius. On one hand, by moving the country away from the middle-income trap, and on the other hand, by providing employment opportunities. Now is the time to prepare the seedbed and lay the foundations for the Mauritius International Financial Centre to achieve […]

A new chapter begins for the Mauritian financial centre

With the inclusion of Mauritius on the European Union’s blacklist, it is to be expected that some banking transactions on the Mauritius-Europe axis, and vice versa, will no longer pass, warns the former Managing Director of Sunibel Corporate Services. Click here to read the full interview with the former Managing Director of Sunibel Corporate Services, […]

Mauritius remains the preferred investment platform

The economy of Mauritius is driven by the services sector, which accounts for around 76% of GDP, with the financial services being among the most vital sector for the economy. Indeed, the contribution of the Financial Services industry to the economy is estimated at 12%, without mentioning its multiplier effect. During the recent confinement period, […]

EU Blacklist – Testing times for Financial Services

“With this blacklist, Mauritius will suffer considerably. Experts in the field list the following consequences the country will have to face”. Former Head of Business Development at Sunibel Corporate Services, expresses his views on the consequences of Mauritius being listed on the EU blacklist. Click here to read his contribution, along with other industry experts, […]

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