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Global Business sector reforms: Are you ready for 1st July 2021?

Major tax changes brought by the Finance Act 2018 to the global business sector will take effect as from 1st July 2021. The timeline below depicts the main changes:   What is changing? The global business sector reforms are as follows. As from 1st July 2021, grandfathered companies holding Global Business Licence Category 1 will […]

The Mauritius Trust: a powerful tool for wealth structuring and succession planning

Mauritius: the ideal jurisdiction for establishing a Trust Mauritius has evolved into a trustworthy jurisdiction for establishing and operating Offshore Trusts. The Mauritius Trust is especially used for the management, preservation and transmission of assets. Choosing to establish a Mauritius Trust allows investors around the globe to channel their investments within the African continent and […]

Company redomiciliation: why & how to redomicile your company to Mauritius

What is company redomiciliation? Like individual relocation that involves taking up residence in another country, company redomiciliation is the process of transferring a company’s registration from one jurisdiction to another. It is different from the setting up of an overseas branch or a subsidiary in a foreign country. For instance, by setting up a branch […]

Private Equity Investors: Think impact investing

Private Equity impact investing; is it a rhetoric or a reality? A decade ago, this concept was barely known by the world, if not the case, by very few investors. The promoters of impact were mainly philanthropists via charitable aid and donations in order to increase the well-being of humankind. Impact investments “are investments made […]

E-commerce in Mauritius: the ideal platform for your international strategy

Here are the benefits of having your e-commerce company in Mauritius With e-commerce activities expected to be growing exponentially, especially in Africa, Mauritius can play an important role in its development. Indeed, Mauritius ranks first among African countries on international indices, including for ICT development and ease of doing business. With this in mind, the […]

Mauritius introduces one-year Premium Travel Visa

What is the Premium Travel Visa? The Premium Travel Visa is applicable for a long stay, more precisely for a period exceeding 180 days in a calendar year. This Premium Travel Visa, valid for up to one year and renewable, aims to attract remote workers and professionals who are looking for a change of scene […]

Residency in Mauritius – what are the permits available?

Why Mauritius? With its tropical climate, favourable and secure living environment to grow your children or to enjoy your retirement, Mauritius is the ideal country to live, work and invest. Indeed, many foreign nationals have established their residency in Mauritius.   Residency in Mauritius through the acquisition of an immovable property By investing at least […]

Mauritius: Africa’s regional hub for wealth management and global business

Mauritius as a regional hub for wealth management and global business To seize the opportunity and set up in Mauritius, the regional hub for wealth management and global business for Africa, Dubai-based Continental Group – a leading insurance intermediary and financial services provider with presence in the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland and India – recently […]

Mauritius publishes Finance Act 2020 following the 2020-2021 Budget

To provide for the implementation of the measures announced in the Budget 2020-2021, Mauritius published the Finance (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2020, which was enacted on 7th August 2020. Please find below a highlight of the new measures relevant to our industry.   Being compliant with international ideals On 9th July 2020, the Government of Mauritius […]

Global Business Company in Mauritius – What you need to know

What is a Global Business Company? A Global Business Company in Mauritius is a company involved in qualified activities and which main business operations are carried principally from Mauritius, but with persons who are resident outside of Mauritius. A Mauritius Global Business Company (GBC) is ideal to strategically manage and grow your business, while being […]

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